Gayle Dickie is a veteran entertainment executive with solid relationships in the business of film, television, syndication, music, animation, licensing, marketing, packaging and promotion. As a visionary in kids television, it was her recognition of the “Dragonball Z” animated kids series from Japan to secure the domestic US sales in the early 90’s. “It was just a regular pitch to Haim Saban at Saban Entertainment who immediately got it.” Dragon ball Z became one of the most successful ‘japanimation’ programs in the world with global revenues of over $100Million. As a syndicator, Gayle Dickie was one of the first female Vice Presidents at Blair NY and held executive positions at Viacom, Mattel Television Syndication, Tribune’s Television Program Enterprises, Fries Entertainment and Orion Television Syndication. Working with top broadcast O&O stations in the U.S., Gayle managed over $25Million in advertising and $25Million in revenues selling some of the most recognizable programs in Television.

After 15 years of major television experience, traveling throughout 150 cities in the US alone, Gayle has a depth of understanding of audience and what sells in todays marketplace. Utilizing that talent, has led her to pen three screenplays, “BET & FLO”, “THE IDEA OF HIM” and “BLOCK BOOKING”, one comedy series, “MEET THE STEINS” and a new four part docu-series, “THE CURSE OF 27”.

Gayle Dickie has vast alliances in TV, Film, Music and Technology. Recently partnering with Tony Russo and Matt Henderson at Creative Souls PR Group, Gayle produces content for various music artists and celebrity clients. is a social media marketing company with vast relationships with Google/YouTube, and various music artists, performers and celebrities. Most recently, Gayle has reached out to various music labels and artists and content providers to create, finance and distribute branded content for the launch of a new MCN, to be announced by late summer 2015.

Hey Girl Hey Entertainment was formed in 2008 as a media and entertainment company specializing in TV, Film, Music and Technology. Gayle Dickie is currently in pre-production producing a feature film with film partner, Jim Bradley, entitled, “Suspended”, a sci-fi thriller. Visionary Director Brett Leonard is on hold currently to direct this unique film exploring the question, if you could live your life again, would you? Jason Van Eman, WeatherVane Productions and Ben McConley will serve as executive producers. Filming starts this summer in Toledo, Ohio.

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