About Us

Jason Van Eman was born on November 22, 1977 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. He is a producer and actor, known for Manipura (2015), The Sparrows: Nesting (2015) andMuladhara (2012).

Producer :-
2016 Broken: A Musical (executive producer) (post-production)
2016 47 Meters Down (executive producer) (post-production)
2016 Morgan Kane (executive producer) (pre-production)
2016 Union Bound (executive producer) (post-production)
2016 2:22 (executive producer) (post-production)
2016 A Dog and Pony Show (executive producer) (filming)
2016 Antibirth (executive producer) (post-production)
2016 Jane Got a Gun (executive producer) (completed)
2015 Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent (executive producer) (pre-production)
2015 Memphis Sun (executive producer) (pre-production)
2015 The Summerland Project (executive producer) (post-production)
2015 Urge (executive producer) (post-production)
2015 Life at These Speeds (executive producer) (post-production)
A Quiet Passion (executive producer) (filming)


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